Product Warranty

Thank you for choosing jewelry from the MMCrystal collection. Please read this page for our product information and product warranty. With a few simple precautions, your jewelry will sparkle for many years to come.

  • Don’t spray perfume directly on your jewelry
  • Clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth
  • Keep your jewelry out of water-especially chlorinated-and if it does get wet, dry it immediately
  • Do not use any jewelry cleaner or abrasive polish on your jewelry
  • Don’t wear your jewelry while engaged in sports
  • Don’t wear your jewelry to bed
  • Keep your jewelry in its box when you aren’t wearing it

Metal parts-MMCrystal uses brass or white metal. Earposts are titanium. All of our jewelry is lead free.

MMCrystal is made with crystals by Swarovski® exclusively.

Our 925 silver finish is electro-phoretically plated and baked to prevent tarnishing and add hardness and durability.

Our gold plating is a bronze/gold amalgam for color and durability.
Any other finishes we use are the finest available and made to last.

MMCrystal makes a distinction between Production Errors, Breakage and Wear and Tear.

Production Errors-a stone falls out, a clasp breaks, metal looks rusty. These are covered by your warranty for replacement or repair for one year from date of purchase.

Breakage-a chain is lost, a crystal stone is broken, an ear clip torn off. If these breakages are caused by mistreatment of the jewelry, our warranty does not cover them. We will fix them if we can, but there will be a charge.

Wear and tear-we take every precaution possible and use the finest components and plating available, but over the life of your jewelry changes may occur. Metal can scratch, finishes on pearls can dull a bit. These are not covered by our warranty, but show how much you love your jewelry.

We want you to be happy. If something happens to your jewelry, please contact us and we will do our best to repair it. Remember, we love jewelry more than anyone.

Now, all that being said, put on a sassy dress, those amazing crystal earrings (or necklace, or bracelet) some slingback shoes and go out and have an incredible time!