The MMCrystal Difference

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At MMCrystal, jewelry is an obsession. From design to craftsmanship to packaging, every piece in my collection expresses my contemporary classic aesthetic.

Using only the finest crystals by Swarovski®, MMCrystal blends quality and elegance with surprising affordability. My collections have something for every fashion conscious woman, from the demure daisy to the dramatic diva.

Plated in 10K gold, rhodium or .925 silver, or hematite finish, each piece of MMCrystal jewelry is crafted with state-of-the-art techniques of the highest standard. All ear posts are titanium and hypo-allergenic, and all pieces are triple plated with the top coat being an electrophoretic over plate to resist tarnishing. And of course, MMCrystal is always lead free.

Each piece in my line is sculpted and modeled in Canada to my exacting standards from my all-new, all-original designs. No re-hashing of old castings or stampings you’ve seen a million times. MMCrystal is manufactured in Providence, Rhode Island, the traditional home of jewelry in North America. Only there exist the artisans and experts that are capable of crafting the level of quality MMCrystal clients have come to rely on.

Once when each piece has met my exacting standards it is embossed with my signature “M” and nestled in our distinctive custom made presentation box.

MMCrystal stands behind every piece we create. Should there be a defect that escapes our notice, or should a stone come loose from a setting, the piece will be replaced or repaired promptly.

You have my “M” on it…

– Michelle Merizzi

Manufacturing & Component Standards

At MMCrystal, we maintain the highest quality standards to ensure that you get the finest crystal jewelry available in the world. Our exacting demands make sure that your clients’ safety and satisfaction are assured.

Here is some information on our manufacturing and component standards.

Lead-Free This is an ever-increasing issue throughout the world today.

Our factory is considered as one of the foremost leaders in this lead-free industry. We were almost (possibly were) the first to restructure our factory and processes to meet this demand. MMCrystal is manufactured to the very strict standards required by USA law. All components fall within these standards, including plating.

More allergies surface with earrings than any other jewellery item. We use titanium posts for our pierced earrings as it is the most hypo-allergenic material available.

Made with crystals by Swarovski®. MMCrystal is a branded partner and has a contract with Swarovski that is only awarded to manufacturers that adhere to very high standards, and is rejudged and renewed on a yearly basis.

Plating Heavily plated compared to most fashion jewelry sold internationally today. Further, all MMCrystal .925 silver plated jewelry is finished with a baked on clear layer known as E-coat (electro-phoretic) that not only protects against surface oxidization, it also adds an extremely important layer of hardness to protect against scratches and wear/tear. All completely invisible to the naked eye.

Workmanship Only a select group participates in the manufacturing of MMCrystal product. These are experts in each of their fields departmentally. We have our own model makers here in Canada, and the jewelry is manufactured in Providence, Rhode Island-the traditional home of jewelry in North America. In short, our manufacturing is the best there is. Casters, Polishers, Stone-setters, Linkers and Platers, all the top the industry has to offer. Time and care are two keys entrenched in the manual portion of the manufacturing process.